Addi: FlexiFlips Needles


The best alternative to double pointed needles, Addi FlexiFlips make knitting small circular projects — socks, cuffs, mittens — super fast, super easy, and super comfortable!

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Packaged in sets of 3, these amazing little needles are available in sizes US 0 (2mm) to US 8 (5mm) in 8-inch lengths, or the FlexiFlips XL sizes of US 6 (4mm) to US 11 (8mm) in 10-inch lengths. Each set comes in a convenient tube for easy storage.

To use, you distribute your stitches over just two needles and knit with a third, which means you have only two needle changes per round, made extra easy because everything’s moving on a flexible cord. Addi FlexiFlips have an Addi Rocket tip on one end and an Addi Turbo tip on the other, so you can use whichever one suits your purpose, and they also make great cable stitch holders! End your struggle with dpn’s!

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US #5 (3.75mm), US #7 (4.5mm), US #8 (5mm), US #8XL (5mm)


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