Fiber Artist 1 Yard Skein Niddy Noddy Kit


This niddy noddy kit represents the convergence of solid American workmanship and a value price. A hardware assembly utilizing threaded inserts and a thumb screw hold the smooth 3/4″ thick hard maple cross beam onto the sturdy yellow birch end pieces. Other similarly priced niddy noddys use friction between wood pieces to hold the item together, leading to tight or loose fits as the seasons change or the item is used. This kit includes 1 hard maple cross beams, allowing users to make 1 yard skeins.

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From a small manufacturer of handcrafted knitting and weaving supplies located in Cincinnati, OH. Founded in 2007 in Chicago, IL, they have been working hard ever since to bring high-quality, yet reasonably priced solid hardwood supplies to customers.

The niddy noddy is a great tool for making skeins from yarn. To wrap, simply take the yarn over the left end of the top crossbar, down and under the right side of the lower crossbar, up and over the left end of the top crossbar, and then back down and under the right end of the lower crossbar. Sounds confusing, but one usually picks up the rhythm in just a few passes. Wound skeins slide easily from the smooth sloped end pieces.


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