Inkle Loom Weaving


The Essential Guide to Inkle Loom Weaving

Nina Holland’s Inkle Loom Weaving is the perfect introduction for anyone interested in creating their own gorgeous weavings using an inkle loom. This practical book explains everything you need to know about getting started by building your own inexpensive loom, including dimensions, materials, and construction. It offers guidance on shopping for and preparing yarn, including various dying techniques, as well as expert advice on combining different colors and textures. When it’s time to start weaving, there is a wide array of attractive, versatile, and functional projects, ranging from belts and straps to chair seats, handbags, and wall hangings. The fundamental skills presented can be used to create whatever artistic design you dream of. There are even helpful suggestions for selling your work. With clear directions and inspiring illustrations, this invaluable resource presents enthusiastic weavers with all the skills and knowledge needed to get started on the inkle loom.

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